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Nespresso Machine Pixie Review: a Space Saving & Easy to Use Nespresso Machine

nespresso pixie review
nespresso pixie review
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Nespresso Pixie is here: the sure antidote for coffee lovers.

Streamlined for maximum efficiency, Pixie is an energy efficient machine, designed with a high-end technology and a wide range of features to provide for a quick, perfect, and lovely cup of coffee.

This, notwithstanding the elegance, beauty, and compactness, surely, is the smallest Pixie ever!

Nespresso Pixie’s Pros & Cons


  • Folding Drip Tray can accommodate tall recipe glasses
  • Simple Design. Superb and simple to use. This is an all One-Touch button technology. Simplicity allows for easy insertion and ejection of the capsules
  • Empty Water Tank Alert
  • Hot or Cold Frothing. Whatever type of frothing you need, it comes right away.
  • Super-Stylish and Compact.
  • High Speed: One of the fastest power to the brew-ready unit. In just less than 25 minutes, the single cup is heated up, and you’re ready to get your morning started.
  • Automized Brewing. You will not need to do the brewing. The programming feature allows you to select the coffee items, select your choice cup size; then you can even walk away. You will get your coffee cup ready for you.
  • Small footprint makes this machine well suited for smaller kitchens that don’t have a lot of counter space.


  • Need to buy extra models: Frother does not come with additional models like the Aeroccino Plus
  • Milk Frother. There is the need to purchase them from Amazon.
  • Can’t Use Own Blend. Whereas Nestle makes 30 premium blends, this is all you have to choose from.
  • Limited to compatible pods only.
  • Lacks options for milk without Aeroccino.
  • Single-Cup. Only makes one cup at a time.
  • Smaller water reservoir implies frequent refilling.
  • Hard to remove reservoir
  • Noticeable coffee sprays during operation.

Bottom Line

Probably, you’re going to confuse Nespresso with a Keurig machine or other capsule type of coffee makers, but you are palpably wrong.

This is a different machine altogether! The features, functionality, speed, and beauty makes Pixie much better and advanced. First, the coffee is far better. The only sort of maintenance you have to work out is the occasional emptying and descaling the internal bin of used capsules. Furthermore, you can make two cup sizes with the Nespresso, which is equally advantageous.

Best Suited For

A perfect solution for fellows on the go and in a big hurry. Suitable for students, for their quick morning preparation and when heading to urgent tasks like tests and exams.

The machine also is suitable for domestic use especially for solving cases of impromptu visitors. It can as well be used in offices where there is no much of kitchen paraphernalia.

Where to Buy the Pixie

Nespresso Pixie Review

The Nespresso Pixie is an eye-catching and single-cup machine that combines a super compact silhouette with impressive espresso making abilities.

So far the smallest Nespresso machine made, the Pixie comes in so several colors: titan, aluminum, carmine, steel, electric lime, and brown. This stylish little dynamo is going to awesomely glad your kitchen scale with its outstanding, lustrous, urban design and bold color.

Easy to use, its size is ideal for small kitchens, offices, and apartments.

The Pixie is a 19-bar pump cappuccino maker, hence it can be a little noisy. However, the noise is not so much overheard; you can still go on with a conversation while using this espresso maker.

As compared with other machines, it has a very low power consumption rate, and this takes up some additional time to heat up. While brewing, the crema comes out thick and light and rests on the top of espresso for some minutes before subsiding into the rest of the drink.

As part of this Pixie espresso machine is the automatic shut-off feature. It works such that after nine minutes of idle, the device automatically turns off. Other espresso machines would take up to five hour time before shutting down. Therefore this is a definite plus for Pixie.

The unit also has a default concealed cord that accompanies the purchase; this keeps the machine hidden and safe from the reach of curious kids.

Nespresso Pixie Features

The following are some of the outstanding features of Nespresso Pixie:nespresso pixie and accessories

  • Milk Frother. The milk frother ensures that people get the perfect foam for the choice beverage using either cold, warm or hot milk, just by pressing a button.16 Nespresso Capsules: This is aimed at preserving the freshness, flavor and prevents any spill over messes from occurring. You can choose from the 30 different premium blends available!
  • 16 Nespresso Capsules: This is aimed at preserving the freshness, flavor and prevents any spill over messes from occurring. You can choose from the 30 different premium blends available!
  • 19-Bar-Pressure Pump: This powerful pressure pump is used for attaining the maximum flavor extraction. This pump is used at the same time while selecting the brew duration to obtain the perfect and sure strength for your tastes.
  • Thermoblock Technology: Provides for the precise temperature for each and every cup one brews, and for froth one whips up.

Additional Featuresnespresso pixie package

  • Internal Holder: This is the location where ten spent of the capsules are automatically emitted and collected after use;
  • Water Tank: It can be removed and reinserted to provide for easy filling and cleaning;
  • Flip-Up Drip Tray: The tray is flip up, and it can accommodate larger cups;Backlit buttons: Provides for ease of use; to enable the automatic shut off after nine minutes of idling.
  • Backlit Buttons: Provides for ease of use; to enable the automatic shut off after nine minutes of idling.

Final Verdict

The Nespresso Pixie is an outstanding, space saving, portable, and easy to handle machine. The coffee quality is excellent, absolutely fine.

The main concern, however, is the operating aspect. The fantastic design and nature of work make it too small for its own great use. However, for a more personalized use, it is the antidote for coffee lovers.

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