how to make the perfect cup of coffee

So, you want to know how to make a perfect cup of coffee?

Well, then you are in the right place.

I thought of writing a practical guide on how to make coffee in the comfort of your home.

Ok then, let’s start!

How to Make a Perfect Espresso

I decided to write this guide, just to meet the most common needs of enthusiastic espresso users.

I noticed that some people, after purchasing a coffee maker, find it difficult to prepare a good cup of coffee. That’s why we decided to write this guide with the hope of helping all users in difficulty.

Before you start with my guide, you have to make a small premise.

Let’s go now to our real guide on how to get a good espresso, taking into account these important factors:

1. Choose the Right Coffee Beans

This is the first and most important step:

You can be as good as you want, but if you do not choose a coffee suitable for an espresso machine, you will never get a satisfactory result.

I recommend choosing quality coffee beans, whether they are from a commercial brand or if you buy them in an artisanal coffee shop.

Depending on the quality of coffee, you can get different results:

  • For those who prefer an intense and full-bodied coffee, it is best to focus on “Robusta Coffee Beans”.
  • For those who prefer a lighter, less bitter and delicate coffee, it is best to focus on “Arabica Coffee Beans”.

In most cases, you’ll find blends containing different percentages of Arabica and Robusta.

My advice is to choose a coffee brand that suits your palate. Be aware: you’ll have to make several tests before finding the right one for your needs.

2. Choose the Right Grind Size

The second most important step is to choose the right grind size.

You have to know that for espresso machines, you need to use a fine grind size.

When you go to the supermarket or any coffee shop, pay close attention to what you buy. Choose only the coffee that’s specifically ground for Espresso Machines.

3. Preheat the Espresso Machine

Before making coffee, it is important to set up the espresso machine you are going to use. This stage is often neglected but is very important because it ensures the optimal coffee brewing.

The simplest thing to do is to preheat the internal circuit. To do so, put the empty filter holder in the machine, put a basin under the filter holder and dispense an abundant amount of hot water.

You should do this operation only at the first ignition at the beginning of the day. This way, you’ll ensure a good preheating of the filter holder and the internal circuit.

However, this is an operation that many people do not do, especially for time issues and waste water issues. I strongly recommend it because it helps to clean the machine out of the coffee residues.

4. The Right Dose of Coffee

The amount of ground coffee you put in the filter holder is about 7 grams for a single dose. To do this, use a measuring cup to see exactly how much coffee you will use.

Otherwise, if you use a professional grinder, there will definitely be an integrated dispenser.

5. Press the Coffee

Once you have the ground coffee in the filter holder, give a few taps to the sides of the filter holder to level the coffee.

Once the coffee is well-leveled, if your coffee machine uses a pressurized filter holder, it may be best not to press coffee anymore. If it is a non-pressurized filter holder, then simply press coffee with the weight of your body. At the same time do a quarter of a turn with the coffee-press.

After you have pressed coffee, quickly clean the edge of the filter holder from ground coffee residues and insert the filter holder to the machine.

6. Brew your coffee!

Now, you just have to press the coffee brewing button!

The amount of coffee you need to brew is about 25 ml, but you can stop the coffee brewing whenever you feel it is most appropriate.

Consider that the average coffee extraction time is about 1 ml per second, so the ideal time and quantity are 25 ml of coffee in 25 seconds.

So if you have a quality coffee maker, you have used a good coffee blend with the right grinding and you have followed our tips, you will definitely be able to get a good espresso!

7. Choose the Right Coffee Cups

For espresso coffee, it is recommended to choose thick wall cups so that the cream is kept easier.

Remember to always preheat your coffee cups. If you don’t, you will risk to cool down the coffee too quickly and then you’ll end up drinking a lukewarm espresso.

As you might have noticed, getting a perfect espresso is by no means easy!

The result depends on too many factors and you do not always have full control over these factors, especially on the grind size!

Coffee Brewing Methods: How People make Coffee around the World

From Moka to french press, to Chemex and Hario, people make coffee in a lot of different ways around the world.

Let’s discover all these coffee brewing methods!

how to make coffee with a moka

How to Make Coffee in a Moka Pot

The Moka is the most common Coffee Maker in Italy. His invention is relatively recent, dating back to 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti, founder of the homonymous company.

The Moka consists of three parts: the base where water is poured, a filter where the ground is inserted and the top that collects ready-to-drink coffee.

Making coffee in a Moka pot is very simple. Just remember these three little tips:

  • pour the water up to the small valve on the base side;
  • don’t press the ground coffee;
  • place the coffee maker on a very low flame (a lively flame will make coffee faster, but will inevitably affect the flavor of your coffee).

how to make coffee in a french press

How to Make French Press Coffee

French Coffee is made by immersing ground coffee in boiling water.

To prepare it following the traditional method, you have to:

  • mix and leave in-boiling water coarsely ground coffee for a few minutes (about 10 grams of ground per person);
  • filter the hot drink through a dense strainer before pouring it into the cup.

The most modern method is to use a tea pot with a special piston filter called French Press.

The French press is a pot with a built-in filter that, once the infusion is completed, is pushed against the base of the tea room itself. Thus, ground coffee remains trapped directly on the bottom.

how to brew coffee with a chemex

How to make Coffee with a Chemex

The Chemex is a manual pour-over style glass-container coffee maker.

It is a minimal-sized glass decanter, fitted with two wooden rings, held together by a leather strap.

This decoration is used to protect your hands from the heat of the drink while manipulating the instrument during preparation.

how to make aeropress coffee

How to Make Aeropress Coffee

Aeropress is created and developed in 2005 by American engineer Alan Adler.

Alan started from the idea that the basics for good coffee are:

  • the right water temperature
  • the total immersion of the ground coffee in the water
  • the fast filtration process

Adler invented a new way of making coffee, capable of extracting a greater variety of flavors than traditional brewing methods.

In fact, the Aeropress makes it possible to brew a rich-flavored coffee with a low degree of acidity and bitterness.

turkish coffee

How to Make Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee (or Oriental Coffee) is mainly consumed throughout the Middle East. It is prepared in the cezve, a typical copper and brass pot with a long handle.

To prepare it, you need to obtain very fine ground coffee. Traditionally, a brass grinder is used, so as to obtain an impalpable powder such as cocoa powder.

Usually, it should be drunk in small and low cups when the powder is completely deposited.

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