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How to Make Coffee in a Moka Pot

how to make coffee in a moka pot

The Moka is the most used coffee maker in Italy.

Many Italians prefer coffee made with a Moka, rather than coffee made with an espresso machine.

The main advantage of a Moka is that it makes coffee extremely hot. Another plus is that you can make coffee for more people at once. Also, Moka pots are quite cheap to buy.

How to Make Coffee in a Moka Pot

Although making coffee with a Moka is a rather easy procedure, there is still some helpful tips and advice that you must follow to get a better result.

Here they are in a quick video produced by the great guys at Illy Coffee (Illy is of the most loved coffee brand here in Italy). 

1. Choose Coffee with the Right Grind Size

Unlike espresso coffee, Moka coffee requires a larger grind size.

When you visit the supermarket, be careful not to mention “espresso machines” on the packaging. Otherwise, you will use a blend of ground coffee for espresso machines and not for Moka.

If instead, you go to coffee shop to buy coffee, always specify that it is coffee for the Moka.

2. Fill the Boiler with the Right Amount of Water

First of all, you have to fill the coffee pot with the right amount of water. Fortunately for you, this is very simple: fill the Moka boiler until it reaches the valve, and don’t exceed that level.

3. Choose the Right Amount of Coffee

At this point, you have to fill the filter with ground coffee. To do this, serve one teaspoon and fill the filter from time to time to form a small “coffee grate”.

Now, try to level the coffee and to remove excess ground coffee, making the amount of coffee in the filter even more evenly.

4. Should you Press the Coffee in the Moka?

Many of you will be asking this question and I’ll tell you immediately that the answer is NO.

The coffee in the Moka should not be pressed!

Otherwise, you will make coffee extraction more difficult, and you will alter the aroma and the overall quality of the coffee.

5. Adjust the Stove’s Flame

Once the Moka is prepared, it is very important to know how to adjust the flame in the right way.

This is an aspect that many people neglect!

To make good Moka coffee, it is imperative to use a very low gas flame.

The coffee extraction needs to be slow, so do not rush!

6. Should I Close the Lid?

Another aspect to consider is the lid of the coffee maker. It does not change much if you leave it open or closed, to be honest.

However, if you leave the lid open, you will see when the coffee will start to flow, so you can turn off the flame of the gas at the right time.

7. When to Turn Off the Flame?

This is a very important aspect.

It is important to turn off the gas flame or remove the Moka from the stove before the coffee is completely out.

You will have to remove the coffee maker from the fire, as soon as the Moka starts to bubble. If you can do it a moment before, it would be ideal.

This way, you will get all the main flavors that characterize good coffee, even if you get about 30% less coffee.

At first, you will see a very dark color, but as the coffee goes up, you will notice a kind of hazelnut cream and that is the ideal time to take the Moka out of the fire.

8. Choose the Right Cups

Even in this case, one thing not to be underestimated is the choice of the right cup to serve the coffee.

For espresso coffee, it is important to use thick cups to keep the cream, while for Moka coffee you can use thinner cups, which is why no cream is needed.

9. How to Clean the Moka after its Use

Finally, here’s how to clean a Moka in the right way. Just simply rinse with warm water and use at most neutral detergents.

The Moka should not be cleaned with soap and should not be washed in the dishwasher!

Otherwise, you will break the aroma of coffee significantly.

Let’s Recap!

  1. Fill the Moka boiler with cold water, until it reaches the valve. Don’t exceed that level!
  2. Fill the filter with ground coffee. Don’t press the coffee!
  3. Screw together the two parts.
  4. Put the Moka on the stove.
  5. Keep the flame very low. Don’t close the Lid!
  6. Remove the Moka from the stove as soon as it starts to bubble.
  7. Let it cool down and rinse it with warm water

Following our practical tips, you will finally learn how to make coffee in a Moka pot!

Where to Buy a Moka Pot?

As always, you’ll find everything you need on Amazon!

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