How to Make Coffee

How to Make Aeropress Coffee

aeropress brewing guide: how to make aeropress coffee

The Aeropress was born in California from the creative mind of Alan Adler, president of Aerobie.

Today we thank him for the Aeropress, which is an accessible and versatile tool. Just think that there is also the Aeropress World Championship, which can be accessed through a national selection.

How the Aeropress Works?

The Aeropress is a cheap travel coffee maker – it costs less than 50$ – and it’s quite easy to use, as well as attractive for its design. It consists of two elements, a cylinder and a plunger that make it look like a syringe.

In the box you’ll find:

  • two cylinders of which one, the piston, with one rubber end;
  • a sort of perforated cap, where you’ll place the paper filter and you’ll thread the other cylinder
  • a spoon to dispense the coffee
  • a mixing spatula.

This extraction system is based on the combination of manual pressure and a rather quickly percolation (10-20 secs).

How to Make Aeropress Coffee?

I’ll just let Filip Kucharczyk explain it to you. Filip is the 2016 World Aeropress Champion! Here’s his winning Inverted Aeropress Recipe!

2016 World Aeropress Championship Winning Recipe

  1. Weight your coffee: 35 grams should be fine
  2. Grind it coarsely
  3. Preheat water at about 84 °C
  4. Rinse the paper filter
  5. Insert the plunger into the cylinder
  6. Place the ground coffee into the cylinder
  7. Start your timer!
  8. Add 150 gr of water for 15 secs
  9. Stir with chopsticks for 20 secs
  10. Close the filter
  11. Invert the Aeropress @ 1:00 min
  12. Give it a Swirl!
  13. Press the plunger for 30 secs
  14. Your total brew time should be 1:30 min
  15. After that, add 100 to 120 grams of water
  16. Taste it! Does it taste good?
  17. If yes, Good! You’re done
  18. If not, add more water

Other Things to Know

Cup or server: you can prepare the drink directly into your favorite bowl, placing the Aeropress over the cup or jug.

Pre-infusion: not necessary but, in case you choose to do so, it will take 20-30 seconds.

Water: generally the water temperature varies between 92 ° and 96 ° C.

Dose: you can use a proportion of 60 grams of coffee per 1 liter of water; for example, for about 1 or 2 cups, you can dose 15 g. of ground coffee for 250 ml. of water.

Grind Size: instant grinding is recommended with a coarsely grind size.

Filters: the supplied filters are made of paper, but there are also specific metal filters on the market.

Further Reading: The Advanced Guide to the Aeropress

Where to Buy the Aeropress?

You’ll find everything you need on Amazon!

Hero Image credits: Tools and Toys

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